Episode 14: Lily's Crossing


Lily’s Crossing

TBH, Patricia Reilly Giff’s Newbery Honor award-winning Lily’s Crossing isn’t a book that I’ve thought about that often since my childhood… but when this week’s guest reminded me of it, I was immediately reminded of how much I’d loved it. In Episode 14, we discuss all the reasons why — the beautiful writing, the relatable main character, and its timeless quality. Oh, and there’s also a hot dad. Brooklyn-based freelance writer, editor, and advertising copywriter Elizabeth Entenman joins us! Elizabeth is currently the books editor at HelloGiggles. Follower her on Instagram (@entenman) and Twitter (@elizabenten), and check out her work at www.elizabethannentenman.com.


The Ensemble by Aja Gabel

… and check out Elizabeth’s interview with Aja Gabel on HelloGiggles right here!

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