Episode 29: BSC Super Special // Baby-Sitters Island Adventure (Manuary)

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Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #4: Baby-Sitters Island Adventure

The Baby-Sitters Club Club’s Jack and Tanner join Alli for this history-making first episode of Manuary! In it, they break down the ridiculous circumstances that lead Dawn, Claudia, and several children (!!!) to find themselves shipwrecked in Connecticut in Book #4 of the Baby-Sitters Club Super Special series extension, Baby-Sitters Island Adventure. They also make an argument for which babysitter is objectively the worst, share their definitive list of Ann M. Martin’s best-ever novels, and explain why the Baby-Sitters Club series holds up better long-term than Sweet Valley High.

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The beautiful John Pike (oh, and his family).

The beautiful John Pike (oh, and his family).