Episode 46: Anastasia Krupnik

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Anastasia Krupnik

Unless you can get yourself a time machine, there are few better ways to go back to childhood than to read a middle grade book — and Lois Lowry’s Anastasia Krupnik is written from such an amazing kid perspective that you’ll feel like an elementary schooler all over again when you pick it up. The first in a series of nine books, Anastasia Krupnik isn’t a fantastical journey or magical quest. It’s the story of a relatable (and cheeky and funny and dramatic) kid dealing with relatable — maybe even boring — things (baby brothers, crushes, ailing grandparents, and more). Writer and editor Kayleen Schaefer joins Alli on Episode 46 to discuss Anastasia’s misadventures, along with “cool parents,” misguided hairstyles, and the things that can easily go over a kid reader’s head.

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